spectradyne arc nanoparticle analyzer


extracellular vesicle EV nanoparticles

extracellular vesicles

Quickly and accurately quantify your extracellular vesicles. Enhance the rigor and reproducibility of your science by measuring the absolute concentration and size of your EVs with the nCS1TM. Control for biological variability with accurate measurements at the nano-scale.

protein aggregates nanoparticles

protein aggregates

Detect formulation instabilities dramatically faster. Turn weeks into minutes by quantifying protein aggregates with the nCS1TM while they are still too small to be detected by conventional optical techniques. Save 1000-fold in time by measuring 10-fold smaller at the nano-scale.

liposome LNP nanoparticles

liposomes & LNPs

Directly measure the dose of your LNP or liposome formulation for the first time. Eliminate the guesswork of using indirect techniques by directly measuring particle concentration and size with the nCS1TM. Learn how much payload you are really administering in your studies.

virus nanoparticles


Measure the absolute concentration of your virus in minutes. Save time and materials by directly counting virus with the nCS1TM instead of live biological titer. Start dreaming of experiments that depend on real-time tracking of virus concentration.

How Spectradyne makes every particle count

Spectradyne's nCS1TM uses microfluidic technology combined with nanotechnology to detect and measure every particle in your formulation. We have developed a unique implementation of microfluidic resistive pulse sensing (MRPS), which uses electrical sensing to measure the diameter of each particle as it passes through a nanoconstriction, providing real-time sizing and concentration information.

Read about our microfluidic instrumentation.

protein aggregation nanoparticles

Detecting protein aggregation

Worried about protein aggregation in your pre- or post-formulation drug? Spectradyne's nCS1TM delivers dramatic savings in time and materials by accurately quantifying aggregation earlier in the particle formation process than other technologies can. Get results in minutes, using only 3 microliters of your sample.

Learn how the nCS1 can save you time detecting protein aggregation.

extracellular vesicles EVs

Extracellular vesicles/Exosomes

Accurate measurements of EV concentration and size are critical for assessing purity and bioactivity. As EV science matures, quantification technologies are evolving to meet the increasingly high standards of rigor. Spectradyne's nCS1TM is fast and practical for routine use-and delivers EV quantification you can count on.

See why more EV scientists are choosing Spectradyne's nCS1 over light-based techniques such as NTA.

gene therapy nanoparticles

Gene therapy and nanomedicine

Gene therapy vectors and nanomedicines come in many types and sizes, and their accurate quantification is critical at all stages of research and product development. Spectradyne's nCS1TM quantifies all types of nanoparticle-based therapeutics quickly and accurately. Assess concentration, size, purity, and stability using only 3 microliters of your precious sample.

Learn how Spectradyne's nCS1 can help advance your gene therapy or nanomedicine science.

industrial nanoparticles

Industrial nanoparticles

Many modern materials rely on nanoparticle ingredients to perform as intended, including paints, inks, cosmetics, semiconductor polishing slurries, and even foods. Spectradyne's nCS1 is faster and more quantitative than conventional particle characterization methods, and delivers important new insights into the composition and stability of these ubiquitous materials.

Learn how the nCS1 can help you better understand your industrial nanoparticles.

protein aggregate gene therapy EVs exosomes testimonials


"The nCS1 can quantitate phage particles in minutes using only a few microliters of the sample, significantly reducing time and money spent on biological methods." - Angela Soriaga, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"The nCS1 works very well in optimizing time of virus harvest by monitoring virus titers in minutes during propagation. It is also a great tool to check purity of viral preps prior to downstream applications such as gene therapy." - Farhad Imani, Ph.D., President, ViraSource Labs

"The nCS1 is fast, accurate, and easy to use for routine particle quantification." - Hok Hei Tam, Flagship Labs 62 Inc

"The nCS1 has rapidly become an indispensable tool for accurately quantifying EVs in my lab." - Zoltan Varga, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

"The nCS1 is fast, accurate, and easy to use for routine EV quantification. We looked at other nanoparticle measurement solutions and the nCS1 is the only instrument that could measure the size of every nanoparticle of interest in as little as 3 uL of volume. Moreover, their customer service is superb and have went out of their way to ensure our nCS1 is always functioning well."- Joseph Sedlak, Co-Founder at Mercy BioAnalytics

High resolution nanoparticle size analysis

Spectradyne: When every particle countsTM

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