Nanoparticle Microfluidic Measurement Technology

Spectradyne's microfluidic technology

Spectradyne has developed a unique type of micro- and nano-fluidic technology that integrates electrical circuits that use the weakly conducting analyte and buffers used in Spectradyne's Nanoparticle Analyzer (NPA) technology, with flow control of the same fluid, all integrated in microfluidic circuits designed to maximize the speed and sensitivity of our implementation of resistive pulse sensing.

Nanopatterned elastomer

The microfluidic devices are made by bonding glass to a nanopatterned elastomer that controls the flow of fluid. Electrical contact is made to the fluid as part of the same device, allowing sensitive detection of nanoparticles as they flow through the device. The elastomer is patterned using a molding technique that allows the precise and accurate reproduction of nanoscale features patterned on the mold in a fast and inexpensive reproduction process.

Integrated control and sensor electronics

Electrical sensing and control electronics are integrated with the microfluidic device to allow control of the fluid flow while rapidly counting and sizing nanoparticles as they flow through the nanoconstriction that forms the core of our resistive pulse sensing technology.

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